Colonels March East Hunting Cougars

Last week was just the beginning for Christian County.

An 18-9 victory over Caldwell County is certainly something to celebrate. After all the Colonels only won one game last year.

That game was over the Tigers however, and now they face a much more formidable foe.

The Colonels now march east to face the Cougars of Logan County.

Last year in this game the Cougars, who eventually made the state semifinals, exercised their muscles and might over the Colonels.

A 49-6 win for Logan County, it was the beginning of a long year for Christian County fans and faithful.

The Colonels, as many of you know, failed to win another game last season.

That being said, Head Coach Blake Ladson believes in his team.

More even than just the cliché coach speak and attitude.

He thinks his team brings unique talent to the table.

Big Body WR’s like JaSean Riley and Elijah Underhill. Speed and great hands at the position like Prince Northington II and Jermaine Dove.

Not to mention the guy throwing them the ball in Jordan Miles, who we discussed last week has the touch and accuracy to make any throw and happens to be the teams best runner.

He is also flanked by a RB in JoJo Jenkins who will run over, through, and around anyone.

This is an offense with talent and firepower, opposite a defense that at their best can give anyone problems.

Led by Cyrus A Greenwade II, they have a tall task this Friday.

Last season Logan County scored the seventh most points in 4A, on their way to a semifinal appearance.

Now their defense gave up nearly three hundred points, so they do seem content to just outscore folks.

However, Christian County managed just six points last year. They will need a lot more this season to come out victorious.

Miles will need to throw for two hundred plus, he had 189 last week, be better than 60% completion percentage, he was at fifty last week, and someone not named Northington will need to make things happen at WR. Of the 189 yards passing, 133 was received by Northington.

Jenkins had sixty-two yards on fifteen carries, probably won’t get many more carries but need that number up closer to one hundred.

If you missed Head Coach Blake Ladson on the Huddle Thursday night, listen back here!

Logan County will score, the question is, will the Colonels?

Tune in starting at 6:35 Friday August 25th on 98.7 Lite FM to find out!