Attempted fetal homicide, felony assault suspect arraigned in District Court

Arraignment was held Friday morning in Christian District Court for the Hopkinsville man charged with attempted fetal homicide and felony assault.

District Judge Foster Cotthoff entered a not guilty plea on behalf of 20-year old Tyquarius Stubbs and left his bond at $20,000, with Stubbs saying that he understands the charges against him.

A warrant alleges that on August 1, Stubbs assaulted a pregnant woman that he had dated at one time. He’s accused of using the buckle of a belt to strike the woman, in addition to punching and kicking her numerous times.

He also allegedly used his hands to strangle the victim and put a table in front the door when she tried to leave, threatening to kill her if she called police.

The woman was eventually able to escape to her car as Stubbs chased her on foot, and she drove to Jennie Stuart Medical Center, where she was treated and then transferred to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Stubbs is charged with attempted fetal homicide, first-degree strangulation, assault in the second-degree, intimidating a participant in a legal process and unlawful imprisonment.