Westerfield, Maples to host Commonwealth Conversations Thursday night

State Senator Whitney Westerfield of Christian County will be half of a first-of-its kind Commonwealth Conversation coming up Thursday night at the Christian County Middle School auditorium.

It will begin at 7 p.m. and feature conservative Senator Westerfield and Bruce Maples, the publisher of Forward Kentucky—which calls itself “the progressive voice for Kentucky politics.”

A news release says they will discuss their viewpoints on the issues of the day.

Maples reached out to Westerfield, who he calls “one of the more reasonable Republicans in the legislature,” and Senator Westerfield helped organize the event.

Maples hopes the honest conversation here and in forums he hopes to have elsewhere can show people with different viewpoints what they have in common and help bridge what seems to be a dangerous divide between sides.

The public is invited to attend the forum and there’s no cost to get in.