Report: Murder suspect attempted to get cell phone, drugs into jail

The alleged gunman in the October 26 fatal shooting of 23-year old Adrian Acree at the intersection of Sharpe and Jones Street in Hopkinsville has picked up another felony charge while incarcerated.

Hopkinsville police charged 25-year old Cortez Hariston, Jr. with solicitation to promoting contraband in the first-degree, with an arrest citation saying he asked a person on the outside to get him narcotics and a cell phone on July 13.

The items were confiscated prior to jail staff obtaining them, according to the report.

The grand jury in April indicted Hairston for murder and 23-year old Dekorian Daniel and 24-year old Jaila Sherrod of Hopkinsville for complicity to murder.

Investigation by Hopkinsville police determined Sherrod allegedly drove Acree to the location where Hairston would gun him down. Sherrod and Daniel are also accused of helping in the planning of the murder.