Kentucky officially launches 988 Mental Health Hotline, Pennyroyal Center involved

Kentucky has officially launched the 988 Mental Health Hotline.

Kentuckians considering suicide or experiencing a mental health crisis can now simply dial or text 988 to speak to a mental health professional immediately who provides free and confidential emotional support.

Governor Andy Beshear held an official launch ceremony Monday at the State Capitol and noted the mental health professionals who take the calls are in Kentucky communities.

He introduced Pennyroyal Center coordinator of emergency services Audra Hall, who says it’s important for calls to be answered by local professionals who know their communities.

Hall believes the easy-to-remember 988 number will cause more Kentuckians to seek help in their time of need.

She says just speaking to a counselor often goes a long way toward helping the caller get on a better path.

The 988 Mental Health Hotline is not exclusive to Kentucky, as Tennesseans and those in every other state can also dial the three-digit number if they are in need of help.