Jennie Stuart Health now home to Caring Cradle to help grieving parents

Jennie Stuart Health has a new service that will help provide comfort to families who have experienced a stillbirth, in honor of Bella River Disney of Clarksville.

According to a news release, the Caring Cradle was made possible thanks to a generous gift by Kelsey and Nick Disney to the Jennie Stuart Health Foundation, benefiting the obstetrics floor of Jennie Stuart Medical Center.

The Caring Cradle uses cooling mechanisms that allows grieving parents extra time with their baby following a stillbirth. Kelsey and Nick experienced this in 2020 with their daughter Bella River, and they set out to provide the same opportunities to other grieving parents.

Kelsey Disney says, “I’m so grateful to be able to make this donation in honor of our daughter, Bella River, who was stillborn on August 30, 2020. I hope that it can be of comfort to other grieving families as much as it was to us during our time of need.”