Stay safe on roads this Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend has traditionally been a deadly time on Kentucky roads, but State Police are hoping motorists will make good decisions to keep themselves and others on the go safe in 2022.

The easiest thing one can do is never get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol and Trooper Corey King says there are numerous options available now to obtain a safe and sober ride home.

Kentucky State Police and other law enforcement agencies will be looking to stop and arrest anyone driving impaired and Trooper King says KSP will also be using traffic safety checkpoints.

He’s also reminding everyone getting in a vehicle to always buckle up their seat belt—one of the best ways of preventing serious injury or death should you be in an accident.

Despite gas prices being historically high, over 39 million people plan to travel by car across the country this weekend.  That’s up almost 5-percent from last year.