UHA celebrates the graduating Class of 2022

The University Heights Class of 2022 celebrated a record-breaking class of students, as those 38 seniors graduated Friday evening.

The class of 2022 boasted of three valedictorians and three salutatorians, including Salutatorian Sam Cotthoff, who modified the well-known UHA school song to reflect his classmates, saying they’re the leaders of the future who will always say with pride that they graduated from UHA, no matter where they go.

Piper Hancock and Emma Perry were also celebrated as salutatorians, and Haiden Hauret, Walter Kunnmann and Lauren Sisk took home the honor of valedictorian. Sisk says graduation is bittersweet because it represents an end just as much as a beginning, but she knows they’ll always be able to look back on this day and their time at UHA with fondness.

The Head of School Award went to Sarah Davis, as the D. A. R. Citizenship Award, and the Norman J. Wiedmer Faculty Award was presented to Griffin Moore.

The Class of 2022 earned a record-breaking amount of scholarship money—roughly $1.2 million, which does not include KEES money and more scholarships are in being earned. This was Head of School Beth Unfried’s final graduation, as she is set to retire at the end of this school year, and she expressed her great pride and confidence in every graduate.