HCA students donate funds to Starfish Orphan Ministry

The Spanish Honor Society student members at Heritage Christian Academy recently presented a donation to Starfish Orphan Ministry out of western Kentucky on Friday.

According to a news release, students have been fundraising to support the organization that helps orphans around the world and in western Kentucky. Starfish Orphan Ministry was founded and is currently led by Laura Roberts who began the ministry as a way for people to partner in orphan care and foster care in meaningful and tangible ways.

Roberts says, “I founded Starfish Orphan Ministry as a way for people to be able to take a bite-sized chunk out of the problem, and to create easy ways to get involved and make a difference. We send missionaries to El Salvador multiple times a year. We give families beds to get their children off the floor. We provide tables and chairs so families can sit down to meals.”

Through multiple fundraisers students were able to raise $1700 to donate to Starfish.

The Spanish Honor Society students at Heritage Christian Academy originally desired to attend one of the trips to El Salvador, but because of pandemic restrictions, travel plans could never be completely established. The students then decided if they couldn’t go, they would cover the costs of someone who could.