Hopkinsville City Council will soon consider lifting Sunday alcohol sales ban

Retailers in Hopkinsville could soon be able to sell alcohol on Sundays if Hopkinsville City Council approves an amendment to a 1959 ordinance that was forwarded on by the Committee of the Whole Thursday night.

The amendment would allow retailers to sell alcohol as they do the remainder of the week beginning at 11 a.m. on Sundays and Councilman Travis Martin says to him it’s about providing freedom to those who choose to drink.

All members present, with the exception of Patricia Bell, voted in favor of expanding Sunday alcohol sales, but there was some consternation over legalizing sales on Christmas Day and Election Day.

Councilmember Alethea West noted the Election Day ban has been in place for reasons she feels are valid and she couldn’t support changing it.

Councilman Terry Parker said he could support lifting the Election Day ban, but not for Christmas, with Martin eventually changing his motion to allow Sunday sales while maintaining the Christmas Day and Election Day bans.

Council could hear the amended ordinance as soon as June.

The Committee delayed action on potential premium pay for city employees who worked during the beginning of the pandemic, with Chairperson Amy Craig saying they need to clear up some questions and issues and will come back to it soon.