Secretary of State visits western Ky., talks elections reform and security

Secretary of State Michael Adams visited western Kentucky Wednesday afternoon, to talk about the many advances his office has made concerning elections in the state.

Speaking with WHOP News, Secretary Adams says he made a campaign promise to clean up the voters rolls, and he feels like that’s been successful—he says cleaning up those rolls will help lower the potential for election fraud.

He says election reform was his main focus in recent months, and he was happy to see it pass in the General Assembly.  The election bill gives more days for early voting, keeps absentee voting available—along with the online portal to request and track that ballot—and transitions the state toward universal paper ballots. Secretary Adams says this bill was all about making elections more secure while also giving people more access to vote.

Also passed was the Voter ID bill, which Adams says he knows has people opposed to it, but he believes most people will be happy with the added security.

With the passage of those two large pieces of legislation, Secretary Adams says he intends to focus on the business aspect of his office more in the upcoming session of the general assembly, and will speak with business leadership and other officials about how best he could help them moving forward.

Listen to our entire interview with Secretary Adams below: