Experts say continue routine pediatric appointments during pandemic

The Kentucky Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics is encouraging families to maintain routine pediatric appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A news release says in-person, routine well child visits are still recommended for all children at this time, especially those under two who need to maintain their vaccination schedules.

There has been hesitancy by some patients to go to a doctor’s office during this pandemic, but Kentucky AAP President Dr. Scottie Day says, “We need to make sure children remain consistent with their well visits and immunizations to avoid creating another public health problem while trying to manage COVID-19.”

Officials say many offices have reoriented their waiting areas to ensure that social distancing is observed while some are even seeing ill patients in their cars. All providers working in patient care areas are wearing personal protective equipment and are required to go through screenings before entering hospitals or offices.

Families should call their pediatrician to inquire about what their practice is doing during this time to accommodate well visits, vaccinations and visits for other concerns.