CCHD gives local COVID-19 update

Christian County only gained one new case of COVID-19 from Monday to Tuesday and there are more patients who have recovered than the number of active cases.

Amanda Sweeney said during the regular Tuesday afternoon briefing that Christian County has 84 total cases—40 are active, 41 patients have recovered and there have been three fatalities.

Four confirmed COVID-19 patients are hospitalized at Jennie Stuart Medical Center and there are 10 admitted patients with tests pending, according to Beth McCraw of Jennie Stuart Health, who says five patients who had the virus have recently recovered and were discharged.

The health department has conducted two days of testing this week at the Tie Breaker Park and there was a separate day of testing last week for folks associated with Western State Hospital, as requested by the governor. Between the three days, 161 people have been tested by the Christian County Health Department and their Tie Breaker site remains open weekdays from 9 until 11.  Sweeney says there are plans to extend those hours if it becomes necessary.

Tennessee will reopen most of its businesses with social distancing measures in place on May 1 and Sweeney says there is concern about Kentuckians traveling south into counties with higher numbers of coronavirus cases and potentially becoming exposed.

In the midst of the pandemic, officials are reminding everyone to fill out the 2020 census, and Complete Count Committee Co-Chair Chris Jung says participation is more important than ever.

All information filed with the Census Bureau remains completely confidential and turned into statistics that then goes on to help with important needs for the community, including funding for many important programs.  For more information, or to fill out the census, go online to