Christian County has first three COVID-19 related deaths

Christian County has had its first three COVID-19 related deaths.

The first individual was an 86 year old male and the second was an 86 year old female. The third reported death is a 76-year old male. All had various underlying health conditions, according to the Christian County Health Department.

In a news release the health department says, “We would like to send our condolences to the family during this difficult time. In memory of these individuals, and in memory of others who have lost lives due to COVID-19, we are asking that community members display green lighting or signs in their facility or homes to show compassion for their loss.”

There have been 53 total cases of COVID-19 in Christian County and 12 have recovered.

Officials say it remains very important to follow state and local social distancing guidelines and to continue frequent and thorough hand washing practices.