CCMS employee one of confirmed local COVID cases

The Christian County Public School System is reporting that one of the local cases of COVID-19 is an employee at Christian County Middle School.

That’s according to a joint statement between CCPS and the Christian County Health Department, which states the employee’s last day of work at the school was March 20.  They began showing symptoms on March 23 and got tested, and CCPS was notified of the positive result on Monday. Schools have been closed to students since March 16.

Officials have since been working to monitor patient symptoms, identify direct contacts, and prevent the spread of the virus.

The facility has followed health department guidelines for sanitation and all employees are practicing food handling guidelines including frequently washing hands with warm soap and water, sanitizing utensils, and wearing hair nets and gloves at all times.

Superintendent Mary Ann Gemmill says, “It is a testament to the good spirit and character of our food service employees that we have been able to safely provide thousands of nutritious meals each day to those in need during this crisis.”

A statement from the district says, “The Christian County Public Schools has not forced any food service employee to work during this crisis. Each food service worker has been given the option of not working.”