Western Hills Golf Course has new policies due to Covid-19

Western Hills Golf Course’s Executive Board of Directors has issued some new rules due to the pandemic.

Due to the continuous changes in both Federal and State rules and regulations as per Coronavirus, changes must be made to the format play at Western Hills Golf Course.

First and foremost, as of 4/2/2020, we will discontinue all League style play, to include but not limited to, the Men’s Morning Group, The Weekend (Jerry’s Group), The VFW Group, the Ladies Group and all other tournament type play until further notice.

We suggest you form your own 4-some, get a tee time (remember 20 minute tee times) and play in that format.

Social Distancing is not an option, but a must.

Be 6! (6 feet apart)

Be Safe (personal hygiene)

OR: Be Closed (follow the rules or go home)

Be aware the course is being monitored and the future of play is in the hands of each players conduct. Western Hills Golf Course aims to provide an alternative to these stressful times as well as a safe environment.