CCHD, Jennie Stuart give local COVID-19 update

Christian County still sits at five confirmed cases of COVID-19 and officials with Jennie Stuart Health say there have been unnecessarily long waits for test results.

Beth McCraw with Jennie Stuart Health expressed frustration and disappointment with how long it is taking to get test results back from LabCorp, a testing facility out of North Carolina who the hospital contracted with.  She says the lab promised they would see results in a few days—instead, it’s taking over a week.  McCraw says of the 246 tests from both the hospital and the Express Lab that have been sent off, they’ve received 33 back from the state and none from LabCorp.

CEO Eric Lee echoed those feelings, apologizing to the community for the wait and saying they’ve since signed on with other testing options to hopefully speed up the process.

Hopkinsville Public Information Officer Mike Atkins says he has heard no order pertaining to a curfew in Hopkinsville. He also says the department will be working with city officials to patrol and keep people from congregating at parks and other areas.

Public Health Director Kayla Bebout says the five confirmed patients are all still isolated at home with mild symptoms and in good spirits.