Trigg deputy continues to recover at Skyline

Trigg County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Key is continuing to recover at Skyline Medical Center in Nashville after collapsing Friday night while on duty.

Sheriff Jason Barnes says Deputy Key is starting to feel more like himself and will be moved from the critical care unit to a regular room in the hospital once his blood pressure is more under control.

As previously reported, doctors said Deputy Key’s blood pressure got so high Friday night that his brain swelled and the blood vessels started to spasm. Deputy Key felt the medical incident coming on and he parked near the Cadiz Ferrell’s, but collapsed and hit his head on his police vehicle.

A deputy was pulling in behind him and called for EMS and he was flown from Trigg County Hospital to Skyline.

Sheriff Barnes says they remain appreciative for the prayers and concern of the local communities.[0]=68.ARAmj-70FN4FeBv6jVjixaMYX-kQ4UKCAHC4BYEFP6T0O-3VdiZwO8qGNdq1yuuYZGTX0pYNewltV33KErqfkuk9gAs_dl5iFJEAKWOKPtpZZV6WxTySYA1JHCHwHUX0HiF1GW_VMnLudPP7jLBiuig7NGdfAMug365sE6l0AdsNexVoOTOXKgkyqjKJgZj-Xxb6iTjCq8kGojf4ZRuKCS-O8_IH2Oe5nbK2qJRLPrGHsRGNpTWFIqOXKsyuBrerKF32OF3TrvsEgaiXY_Dvkw9TBj_Ko5TLxj_zF90xXTq_aCs_GT5ynn9Mvp7uUod_klwejOQGsh54r8RG-ojW6f1ceHHqQqtZynj0oJbxZswYEDTMfsG7PgttJQCRW6VHKgHUWQ9OhPDsWsWQSPtSt5Cuz88OfQoEfFssTtOmfyAG7WL_YB58mZJu0BanUx48Wf1bWfgEEqnN-NkkBgZw9a5ANUKhQwCLZ9sU4MtN5vodJy8x6k2Ffw&__tn__=C-R