Elkton looking to hire new police chief, officer

Elkton is looking for a new police chief and the mayor says they will consider internal and external applicants.

Former chief Brian Atkinson tells WHOP News he retired Monday after 13 years with the City of Elkton. He says, “I want to thank the community, city council and the administration for all of their support over the years. The City of Elkton has a great group of individuals that I am proud to have worked alongside. I will miss them all.”

Mayor Arthur Green says Elkton is now accepting applications for a new chief. He says he’s informed current employees of the department they are welcome to apply and that he will also consider outside applicants—calling it an ‘open process.’

Elkton is also hiring a police officer and hopes to find someone already certified, but Mayor Green says they’ll send someone to the academy if necessary.

Captain Jason Clardy is overseeing day to day operations of the department and Mayor Green says they continue to provide around the clock law enforcement in the city.