Permitless carry law takes affect Thursday in Ky.

Several new laws take effect Thursday in Kentucky, including one that allows concealed carry without a permit.

Senate Bill 150 passed during the 2019 session of the General Assembly and allows concealed firearms to be carried without a concealed carry permit. It allows Kentuckians age 21 and older who are legally eligible to possess a firearm to carry a concealed weapon without a license in the same location as people with valid state-issued licenses.

Permitless carry will not be allowed where prohibited by federal law or otherwise prohibited.

Meanwhile, Senate Bill 18—the Kentucky Pregnant Workers Act—clarifies employers’ responsibilities when it comes to making reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees. It will make it unlawful for an employer to fail to accommodate a pregnant employee and will require employers to provide notice to employees regarding these rights.

House Bill 84 will prohibit telephone solicitations that misrepresent the name or telephone number on caller ID, increase fines for second offenses and allows for civil lawsuits against violators.

And Senate Bill 57 will expand the number of Kentuckians eligible to have low-level felonies expunged from their criminal records. It expands discretionary expungement to all Class D felonies with some exceptions for crimes such as stealing in office, abusing children and sexual abuse. It includes a five-year waiting period to apply for expungement, a $250 application fee and provisions for prosecutors to object and judges to reject the applications.