Man accused of killing mother likely to claim insanity at trial

Jamal Mounts, the man accused of murdering his mother and beating another woman in 2014, appeared in Christian Circuit Court Tuesday morning, with his trial is set to begin on June 10.

Multiple motions were heard from his attorneys, Stephanie Mize and Eric Bearden, including several motions to exclude certain pieces of evidence.  By agreement between them and Commonwealth’s Attorney Rick Boling, one picture out of 42 of the crime scene was removed from the evidence that will be shown to a jury. It was also agreed that evidence of prior crimes—specifically a previous assault charge—would not be presented during trial.

The defense put forth a motion to exclude the 911 call made on the night of the murder by the victim, Roxie Mounts, where she identifies Jamal Mounts by name and his voice can be heard.  The approximately four minute call was played in the courtroom, and in it Roxie Mounts can be heard requesting help and then later screaming when the crime occurs.

Circuit Judge Andrew Self ruled that the call can be used at trial, but edited to showcase only the parts that identify Mounts.

Mize informed the court the defense intends to argue insanity at trial, saying that on the night the murder and assaults occurred Mounts believed himself to be demonically possessed.

Boling argued that insanity is an inappropriate consideration based on the evidence of drug use on the day in question and other factors.

Judge Self says jury instructions for either insanity or mental illness would have to be decided as the trial gets underway.  Both parties agreed that the trial should not last longer than a week.

Mounts is accused of the beating death of his mother, 65-year old Roxie Mounts, and assaulting 69-year old Marvelyn Spray on Elm Street in March 2014. He is charged with murder, burglary, assault and resisting arrest.