TBI: Suspect killed parents, uncle, three women, 12-year old girl

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has identified the seven people murdered in a rural area of Sumner County.

As previously reported, 25-year old Michael Cummins has been arrested in connection with the killings and some of the victims were his family members.

The victims at 1177 Charles Brown Road have been identified as the suspect’s father and mother, 51-year old David Cummins and 44-year old Clara Cummins; his uncle, 45-year old Charles Hosale; 43-year old Rachel McGlothlin-Pee; her mother, 64-year old Marsha Nuckols; and Rachel’s daughter, 12-year old Sapphire McGloghlin-Pee. Investigators say they are working to determine the nature of Cummins’ relationship with Rachel and her family.

The victim at 1555 Luby Road has been identified as 69-year old Shirley Fehrle, who has no known relationship with Cummins.

An eighth victim, also a relative of the suspect, remains in critical condition.

The TBI called it one of the most horrific and gruesome cases in recent memory during a news conference Monday morning and reiterated it remains an ongoing investigation.