Second Baptist Church considering renovation, expansion plan

Second Baptist Church of Hopkinsville is considering a renovation and expansion plan that would further change the look of Seventh Street on the West Side of Hopkinsville.

The church’s long-range planning committee unveiled its proposal during a meeting that was streamed live on Facebook Sunday morning. Chairperson Sherry Burke says an assessment of the church’s needs determined a desire for growth in offerings to children, additional programming and easier access to current facilities.

The committee hired Sherman, Carter and Barnhart Architects to help come up with a design and Justin McElfresh presented to the church Sunday, saying the project would transform the Second Baptist campus.

The proposed project could be worked through in three phases—with the first two phases likely to be the initial focus.

The renovation would include moving the steeple of the church more toward Seventh Street and construction of a covered drop-off area at an entrance to the facility.

The third phase would be largely focused on a multi-purpose space, according to McElfresh.

The project proposal will be formally presented to the church for consideration on Sunday, May 12th, according to Burke.