Pennyroyal Center receives waiver to expand services

The Pennyroyal Center has received a waiver to expand the number of patients it can serve at its Genesis East men’s residential treatment facility.

The Mental Disease Exclusion waiver allows Pennyroyal Center to increase its substance use treatment services from 16 up to 96 individuals per facility.

A news release says the expansion will initially begin at Genesis East, and that with the expansion, the program is expected to serve up to 30 men.

Director of Substance Use Services Ashley Felts says, “This is such an exciting time.  The IMD exclusion has served as a significant barrier for individuals to access treatment for years.  This waiver is the first step in increasing access to treatment for individuals in need of these services in our Community as well as our State.”

The Pennyroyal Center will work with the Department of Medicaid Services to complete the site review process to become a registered residential treatment facility, making the IMD waiver permanent.