Rep. Dossett says report fake number telemarketing calls

Representative Myron Dossett of Pembroke is reminding citizens to report telemarketing calls from fake local numbers to the Kentucky Attorney General’s office as it is now illegal to use them.

According to a news release, Representative Dossett co-sponsored House Bill 475 during the past session, which made it illegal for telemarketers to use fake Kentucky phone numbers. The law aims to protect citizens from scams and fraud.

Representative Dossett says, “Unfortunately, there are people who use their time trying to deceive, scam and defraud others instead of doing something productive. Thankfully, this new law will punish scammers who use fake phone numbers with a fine up to $1,000.”

HB 475 was signed into law by the Governor in April, and those calls can be reported by calling 502-696-5300 or by calling their legislators at 502-564-8100.