Heat Advisory for the 4th of July

Dress appropriately and plan to protect yourself and your family from extreme heat if you are going to be celebrating Independence Day outdoors.

A Heat Advisory is in effect from 11 a.m. Wednesday 8 p.m. Thursday for all of western Kentucky, as temperatures in the mid-90’s will combine with humidity to make the heat index possibly reach 110.

The National Weather Service in Paducah says, “Given the large number of outdoor and holiday activities scheduled, there will be an increase in the potential for heat related stress or illness across the area. Travelers and residents remaining outdoors for prolonged periods may need to be watchful for the very young, elderly, and those with medical conditions susceptible to the heat and humidity. Pets and livestock should also be monitored for heat stress.”

Drink plenty of fluids if you plan to be outside and spend as much time as possible in a shady area where it’s cooler. Plan any outdoor work for the early morning and late evening hours, when possible.

Be sure pets have an ample supply of fresh water and never leave a pet or child in a hot car, as temperatures can become deadly within a matter of minutes.