Todd Co. assault case likely headed to trial

It appears there will be no plea deal for the man accused of nearly beating his wife to death last summer at their Old Trenton Road home in Todd County.

The Commonwealth and defense attorney Ken Haggard indicated last week there was a possibility of an Alford plea for 70-year old Carson Moore, but acting Commonwealth’s Attorney Justin Crocker said during a hearing Wednesday morning that the victim—68-year old Johnnie Moore—and her family are not receptive to that outcome.

Crocker says they are still working to determine if blood found in the RV where Carson Moore was sleeping is the victim’s or his own.

It’s unlikely the DNA results will be in before the July 23rd trial. While Haggard contends the blood will be his client’s from an unrelated accident, he says those test results aren’t crucial to his defense.

Crocker says it’s possible he will enter motions prior to July 23rd to use prior alleged incidents involving Carson Moore at trial.

Haggard says Johnnie Moore’s life-threatening injuries that sent her to Skyline Medical Center could be attributed to falling during seizures, while Kentucky State Police say the injuries are not consistent with falling. The victim says she has no memory of the incident.