Fiscal Court hears reports, approves bid for new theatre seats

Christian Fiscal Court heard a report from the Christian County Animal Shelter at Tuesday’s meeting and approved agreements and accepted bids.

Animal Shelter Director Irene Grace says they took in 331 animals during the month of March, and the total number of animals adopted was 306.

Grace also mentioned their upcoming Spayghetti Dinner and Live Auction, which will take place May 19 at the James Bruce Convention Center, saying this year will also have a silent auction on some items.

A bid to replace the seats at the Alhambra Theatre was approved in the amount of $150,000 for 700 seats, which Magistrate Darrell Gustafson says can be negotiated.

Magistrates also approved making the existing seats surplus so the Pennyroyal Arts Council can sell them to generate funding for the renovations taking place at the theatre.

In other action, magistrates approved a road warranty agreement with Atmos Energy, which Operations Supervisor Robert Flick says will cover anything that might cause damage to the road as they run a gas line on Edwards Mill Road.