Three indicted for engaging in organized crime

David Logan

Raven Foster

Three Illinois residents accused of using forged credit cards to buy large quantities of cigarettes at local convenience stores in February were indicted by a Christian County Grand Jury Friday for engaging in organized crime.

Hopkinsville Police say 27-year old David Logan of Chicago was captured on video surveillance at multiple stores buying cartons of cigarettes and other items with forged credit cards.

Logan was in a vehicle driven by 24-year old Raven Foster of Chicago that was also occupied by 29-year old Robert Wilson of Homewood, Illinois. The car was stopped on Fort Campbell Boulevard and searched on February 6th.

Arrest citations say Foster and Wilson were recorded by an in-cruiser camera indicating where they had hidden the forged cards and police found 15 with Logan’s name in the seat belt slot of the their automobile and three for Wilson stashed under the driver’s seat of the cruiser he was held inside.

The men indicated another suspect was able to get away with their “load” of cigarettes.

Police say the suspects committed the thefts at no less than three local gas stations and they were suspects in other similar incidents in the region.

All three are indicted for theft of retail merchandise for resale, theft by deception and engaging in organized crime.  Logan and Wilson are also charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument and tampering with evidence.

Meanwhile, the right to have her case heard by a grand jury was waived by 27-year old Chelsea Laster of Hopkinsville, who is charged with first-degree criminal abuse of a child. An arrest warrant says that in June of last year, she struck a boy under the age of 12 on the face, head and body while under the influence of alcohol.

And the grand jury indicted 50-year old Gene Bosley of Oak Grove on 85 counts of possession of child porn, three counts of distribution of child porn and possession of methamphetamine.

Those charges stem from a Kentucky State Police investigation that led to a search of his home last month.

Robert Wilson


Chelsea Laster