Woman indicted for kidnapping, man for robbing 95-year old mother


Kristin Stewart                                                               David Quarles

A Clarksville woman arrested in Christian County in February on a kidnapping of a minor charge and a man accused of assaulting his 95-year old mother during a robbery have been indicted by the grand jury.

Indicted for second-degree robbery is 52-year old David Lee Quarles of Hopkinsville. He allegedly admitted he forced his way inside the Tate Street home of his mother and demanded money.

The victim said Quarles also struck her on the head during the robbery, but Quarles said he couldn’t remember doing so because he was under the influence of crack cocaine. Quarles did say he left the house with the victim’s cash.

Facing one count of kidnapping is 37-year old Kristin Lee Stewart of Clarksville. The original warrant alleges that on February 6, Stewart picked up a 13-year old child she knew was a runaway from a placement in Louisville and brought the child to the Hopkinsville Department of Community Based Services office to ask that the juvenile be placed with her.

Stewart told social workers that she is a foster parent in Tennessee. The warrant says Stewart had been in contact with a Louisville police officer, who told her that she must let them know if she knew the whereabouts of the teen, or bring the child to them. Police say Stewart is not related to the child and that she told detectives she contacted the juvenile through Facebook.

Meanwhile, the grand jury indicted 39-year old Danny Bruley of Oak Grove with three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon in connection with a shots fired incident in December last year on Millers Mill Road.

He called ECC to say individuals were stealing items out of his back yard and that he was armed with a shotgun. Dispatchers told him to go back inside, but he allegedly fired the gun and struck the side of the vehicle as the individuals left his home. Bruley admitted to police that he had the gun, despite being a convicted felon.

A “no true bill” was returned in the case of 49-year old Lucy Bonadio of Hopkinsville, who had been charged with cocaine and marijuana. There was not enough evidence to go forward and co-defendants have pleaded guilty.