CCSO warns of IRS, law enforcement scams

The Christian County Sheriff’s Department wants to warn the public about an increase in scams in the area, including one posing as the IRS and another as law enforcement.

According to a news release, a scammer poses as the sheriff department, the IRS, or another police agency, and threatens the victim with talk of arrest warrants for failure to pay taxes or failure to report for jury duty. They then demand over the phone payment using prepaid cards such as iTunes, Target or MoneyPak.

The sheriff’s department advises people that law enforcement nor the IRS will never call and asked for payments for any of these infractions. People are advised, if they receive this type of call, to contact law enforcement before sending any money.

Never give personal information out over the phone and make sure you know who are talking to. These cases are almost impossible to prosecute and as impossible to retrieve any moneys lost.

For more information, contact the sheriff’s office at 270-88-4143.