Bevin met by protestors at Trigg County High School visit

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin was met by retired teachers protesting the current pension reform proposal Monday when he visited Trigg County High School to speak with students.

The Sources of Strength is a program facilitated by the high school that helps not only the community but students be there for each other, whether that’s emotional support, academic or otherwise. Governor Bevin intends to roll out a similar program statewide in the coming weeks and he says it was awesome to meet with the students and hear their ideas.

Around 30 retired teachers and their supporters lined up peacefully on the sidewalk in front of the high school. Organizer Charlene Sheehan says they’re not trying to be greedy, they just want the Governor to know they are against his proposed pension changes that would reduce annual cost of living adjustments for retired educators.

The Governor spoke with the protestors after meeting with students and heard their complaints. Bevin told them he understood their concerns and he would work to find a solution, but pension reform must happen or soon the state will be in a true crisis.

Local legislators recently said they fear pension reform won’t happen this session. Governor Bevin also spoke on the importance of tax reform, which would help fix the ailing pension system.