Rep. Bechler opposes budget, revenue bills

State Representative Lynn Bechler, who represents Caldwell, Crittenden, Livingston and a portion of Christian County, voted against the budget and revenue bills Thursday as he opposes the tax increases that they come with.

Bechler says the quarter-per-dose wholesale tax on opioids may not be transferred to the consumer at first, but he believes those truly needing the medication will eventually foot the bill.

He also opposes ending the $10-per-person income tax credit, noting it was cut in half from $20 only four years ago.

The revenue bill also includes an increase of 50 cents to the tax on a pack of cigarettes.

Representative Bechler believes some are misinformed on the usage of money from the public workers health fund to balance the budget, as he says it’s been common practice to use excess premiums in the past and the amount used this time is less than two years ago.

Bechler says he likes much of the actual budget, but believes the General Assembly should find additional ways to cut spending instead of increasing any taxes.

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