County close to bidding out Alhambra roof replacement

Repair and replacement of the roof on the historic Alhambra Theatre will happen relatively soon and it could come in multiple phases or all at once—depending on how the bids come in.

Architect Jack Shah served as consultant for Christian Fiscal Court and says the most critical areas to replace are over the stage adjoining Bethel Street and over the lobby along Main Street. He says Spurr Architecture will produce bid documents and contractors will have to say how much they’d charge to repair and replace the worst parts and how much it would cost to do the whole roof.

The Alhambra sustained significant water damage following several inches of snow a couple years ago and Treasurer Walter Cummings says drastic measures were taken during this year’s snow to make sure the situation didn’t repeat itself.

Christian Fiscal Court approved a $30,000 contract with Spurr Architecture Tuesday morning for design and coordination of the project. All renovations at the Alhambra are being funded by bonds and that debt service is being paid with revenue the transient room tax.

In other action, magistrates approved a resolution asking the Army Corps of Engineers to extend the summer pool at Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake by two months to assist with tourism efforts near the lakes. Squire Darrell Gustafson says in essence, they are only asking the Corps to raise the water level by two feet for about eight weeks of the year.

Federal officials have balked at the idea, citing the lakes’ role in flood control, but Gustafson points out that the water level could be dropped significantly overnight when potential flooding is in the weather forecast. Several other fiscal courts in western Kentucky have approved the same resolution.