Hopkinsville City Administrator resigns

The City of Hopkinsville has announced the resignation of City Administrator Nate Pagan, effective March 16 as he accepts a position in Owensboro.

According to a news release, Pagan will become Assistant City Manager in his hometown of Owensboro. Pagan says, “Hopkinsville is a great community and it has been a genuine privilege to serve here over the last four and a half years alongside such devoted professionals and elected officials.  This transition will certainly be bittersweet for my family and me.  We have truly appreciated our time here.”

Pagan has been involved with a number of initiatives, including retail development at Hopkinsville Towne Center, creation of the Fort Campbell Strong Defense Alliance, HWEA-Fort Campbell gas line and water line projects and overseeing Hopkinsville-Christian County WINS.

Mayor Carter Hendricks says while they are excited for Pagan and his family, he will be greatly missed. He says, “We will be working closely with Nate through his last day to ensure a smooth transition and to develop a process to find his successor.  With support from our team and from City Council, I have the utmost confidence that we’ll continue making progress and that we will find an outstanding candidate to be our next CAO.”                                                                                                **