Mayor says Patti’s loss will be felt hard

Grand Rivers Mayor Tom Moody says the temporary loss of Patti’s 1880’s Settlement after Monday morning’s fire will have a major impact on their small town, but he’s confident Patti’s will come back better than ever as quickly as possible.

He says Patti’s busiest season was quickly approaching.

Mayor Moody hopes western Kentucky residents won’t forget Grand Rivers and that they’ll still visit.

He says Grand Rivers is supporting the owners and employees of Patti’s any way they can.

All 200-plus Patti’s employees have been assured they will still have their jobs when rebuilding is complete. Mayor Moody says the kitchen and office areas are a total loss to the fire and assessments were being completed on the remainder of the complex to determine the extent of the smoke and water damage. The fire began about 8 a.m. Monday in the ceiling of the kitchen, according to Livingston County Emergency Management.