DCBS asks for donations for children

The Hopkinsville Kiwanis Club heard a presentation from the Christian County Department of Community Based Services, which aids children in need in the community.

Social Services Supervisor Barrett Ross says DCBS takes care of abused, neglected or “dependent” children by providing them with foster homes if they need to be removed from the parents care. A dependent child is one who is not abuse or neglected, but is under improper care that is not due to an intentional act of the parent or guardian.

Ross says there are three teams that serve Christian County, who handle approximately 1,000 cases a year, and there are around 8,000 children in foster care in the state.

He says DCBS always accepts donations of backpacks filled with items such as clothing, toys and other necessities to give to children who come into their care.

Ross says the children the handle come from many different situations, and many of them often having nothing of their own and don’t know what the future holds for them. Donations can be made at the office at 110 Riverfront Drive and for more information on how to donate, call 270-889-6503.                                                                                                **