Blood splatter evidence key in assault case

Blood splatter evidence will be key in determining the fate of 69-year old Carson Moore, the Todd County man accused of nearly beating his wife to death in June of last year at their Old Trenton Road home.

Moore is charged with first-degree assault and has a March 12th trial date. Kentucky State Police alleges that 67-year old Johnnie Moore’s serious injuries were from being attacked by her husband, while attorney Ken Haggard contends her injuries were from falling at least once and possibly multiple times. Haggard has cited a history of falls for Johnnie, who has no memory of the incident to say what happened.

Part of the Commonwealth’s case is blood splatter evidence in the home that investigators say points toward an assault, but acting lead prosecutor Justin Crocker says KSP doesn’t have a blood splatter expert on staff. He says Detective Matt Foster has certifications relating to analyzing blood splatter and could testify at trial.

Crocker told Judge Tyler Gill Wednesday morning he will have to see if there’s funding to hire a new expert if Detective Foster isn’t deemed qualified to testify as such.

There is a murder trial January 22nd in Logan County and Crocker asked that a hearing to determine Foster’s qualifications be put off until next month as his time will be occupied. The office is also understaffed after the recent indictment of Commonwealth’s Attorney Gail Guiling. Haggard said February too far out for him to have time to prepare for trial.

Judge Gill said he understands it’s not Crocker’s fault that his office is understaffed with Guiling’s case pending, but cases can’t be unduly delayed because of the issue.

Another hearing was set for January 30th, when Detective Foster and KSP Sgt. Luis Palmer will be subpoenaed to appear and discuss the evidence.

Carson Moore, who suffers from health issues, had to be helped back to his seat after he collapsed to the floor during the proceedings Wednesday. It did not appear he suffered any major injuries.