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Carter Hendricks


Everyone wants change…to get better…to improve. But, the question we must ask ourselves is who can help lead the change. Who has the skills, qualities, and track record to actually help lead change for Hopkinsville in the 21st century?…

Change requires hard work, determination, persistence, and sacrifice. It requires leadership that’s above personal, petty, partisan politics. It requires leadership that doesn’t act vindictively towards others. It requires leadership that inspires others to believe and then to go about the HARD WORK of making change happen…

And, I believe we’ve been doing just that…Hopkinsville is in the middle of a resurgence. Like any community, we have our own issues, but there’s a buzz about Hopkinsville.

Let’s just look at the facts…unemployment is down, crime is down, jobs are up, tourism spending is up, and we have new shopping and restaurants for our residents to enjoy…not to forget the new opportunities with sidewalks, sportsplex, the Alhambra and Museum projects, new neighborhood parks, dog park, disc golf, skate park, new police department, and so much more…

Yes, we believe Hopkinsville has momentum and that we must continue to focus on making the tough decisions that will help our community improve, grow, and be BETTER…we must stay positive about our future while working hard to deal with our present…we must be passionate about serving others without concern for personal gain…we must be persistent in our efforts as we strive valiantly to overcome any issues and to take advantage of all opportunities…

AND, THE NEXT 4 YEARS IS CRITICAL…. that’s why I’m asking for your support for four more years…we need to keep working with strong partnerships, pushing progress, and maximizing our potential… we have ideas that will help us continue to build this momentum…our platform is bold and aggressive as we must believe in our future and be determined to succeed…

We will be focused on our 8-point strategy to build a better Hopkinsville:

  1. Becoming the safest city in the commonwealth by ensuring we have the best trained, resourced, and prepared police and fire departments as well as reenergized efforts to improve our streets and neighborhoods with community policing, better lighting, and more stringent code enforcement.
  2. Investing in and improving our downtown through new ideas like a Walk of Fame and a millennial park and more aggressive incentives to spur private redevelopment of vacant buildings.
  3. Continuing to invest in our inner-city through a model block program as well as our FRESH Start workforce program, neighborhood empowerment grants to help residents repair and maintain their properties, and more.
  4. Improving our quality of life through continued investments in new energy-efficient street lights, better sidewalks, more neighborhood parks, expanding our greenway, and faster internet by becoming a GIG City!
  5. Encouraging more visitors to come to Hopkinsville and make our city a destination city by expanding our recreation and tourism venues like Tie Breaker Park, the sportsplex, agri-tourism assets, and the Alhambra to name a few!
  6. Creating more jobs and business opportunities through aggressive incentives and investments in necessary infrastructure to help attract new companies and businesses.
  7. Becoming a sustainable community through strategic partnerships and decision like curbside recycling, complete street concepts, dedicated green space, etc.
  8. Providing more retail and residential options by improving our overall economy while providing incentives to help encourage more development.

You deserve a mayor who focuses on getting real results. And, that’s my primary promise to you…I will do everything I can to help Hoptown win…I’ll take the blame and deflect the credit. I’ll align myself with good people who share the same vision and desire to help build this better Hopkinsville…

Above all else…we will go forth with the attitude that Hopkinsville’s best days lie ahead of us, that we must do all we can RIGHT NOW, in this moment, to help our community grow and prosper…that it’s about all of us working together with a bold vision, a unity of purpose, and solid strategies that will move us forward…

Yes, that’s what I offer and it’s why I ask for your support for four more years…positive, passionate, persistent, and proven

Vote Carter Hendricks for Mayor on November 6th and help Hoptown Eclipse All Expectations


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